Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College – Vanuatu Appeal

During March, students from BTAC collected items for distribution on the islands of Vanuatu in the wake of Cyclone Pam.

BTACThe response from the College community was fantastic. The Chapel started filling up fast through the generous donations of students, their families as well as a large donation by the Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College Parents and Friends Association.

One of the many encouraging stories is that of Year 1 student Ameliah Forster who rallied behind this cause seeking a fundraising letter and with her mother’s help gathered donations from her local Coles Supermarket, a chemist and other retail outlets.

Ameliah’s mother Clarissa said, “The College has certainly encouraged Ameliah to think of others in need. If only we had more time, we have been out every afternoon this week collecting donations.”

Mother Jane Trigg said, “The BTAC Vanuatu Appeal supports the focus we have had during Lent about helping others, especially those who are “foreigners” or different to us in some way.

“This is truly living out of the Gospel imperative to “love one another”.