Candles lit at Cathedral for Paris

Candles were lit at Christ Church Cathedral in prayer for the people of Paris in the wake of the terrorist attack.

Worshippers lit candles as part of the evening service on Sunday 15 November while the choir sang Durufle’s Lord’s Prayer in French.

The Dean of the Cathedral, Fr Stephen Williams, says “That people of all faiths and none gather at the cathedral in times of crisis, and this is no exception.”

Photos from Newcastle Herald.


Most gracious God,
look with mercy and compassion
on the people of Paris,
especially upon those who are injured,
with their families and friends.
Bless the bereaved and receive the dead
into your loving keeping.
Help us to bring an end
to war and violence everywhere,
and turn the hearts of those
who commit terror.
Bless emergency service workers
and all upon whom we depend for safety.
We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.