Anglican Care Chaplaincy

chaplaincy-angcareEncouraging a healthy spirit and a sense of wellbeing. Informal and formal contacts with chaplains are tailored to the culture, traditions and beliefs of the residents.

As a faith-based community, Anglican chaplains and lay volunteers are a fundamental part of the care team in every facility.  We provide formal Anglican worship, and ensure other denominations and faiths are supported.  We are available to be in conversation with residents and their families about the “life and quality of life” questions which come to all of us.

It is the essence of Christian faith and of Anglican Care that residents (and staff) benefit from the care of the whole person.  Ageing does not diminish the importance of a person’s spiritual, physical, emotional, social or cultural care.

While chaplains will not proselytise (try and convert anyone from their own faith), it is their ministry to provide for:

  • the spiritual comfort of each resident and their families
  • an assurance of their intrinsic worth
  • an affirmation of the ongoing values of their lives
  • quality listening and conversation in the resident’s reality

by offering:

For those of Christian Faith:

  • opportunities for worship
  • prayer
  • bible, ethics or issue studies
  • confession and / or last rites
  • baptism, weddings or funerals, by arrangement.

To everyone, including those not of faith, time for ‘Soul Food’:

In small groups, and to suit the health and ability of residents; activities designed to uplift the spirits and well-being of the residents will occur regularly.

In a ‘Soul Food’ experience, residents would be offered a range of activities to

  • Enliven the senses

e.g. in a quiet place, supply images, sounds, music, textures, and scents around a theme

• Treasure reminiscences

e.g. events are recalled by story, photos, shed and gardening tools, craft, medals, the sounds of country, city etc., which might assist their well-being and socialisation with other residents.

Anglican Care is committed to:

Respecting the integrity of every resident’s faith or spiritual experiences.

The encouragement of a healthy spiritual life and a strong sense of wellbeing.

Exploring innovation within a formal religion and informal ‘Soul Food’ times to ensure residents are appreciated as individuals.

Forms of communication and involvement with residents, their families and staff which are timely, accountable and relevant to the entire mulitidisciplinary care team.

We recognise that while not everyone has spiritual or religious beliefs, everyone has spiritual needs.


Anglican Care Chaplain
The Reverend Andrew Harrison

Anglican Care Associate Chaplain
Jenny Foley