John Hunter Hospital Chaplaincy


Pastoral Care Department Co-ordinator, John Hunter Hospital, Fr. Roger Zohrab

The hospital is part of the Hunter New England Health system that covers a vast area of NSW. Consequently the patients here are not only local but from distant and often scattered communities.

Add to this the uncertainty and anxiety that are naturally present for all of us when faced with an illness or accident and you get an increased need for the presence of chaplains and pastoral care visitors.

The role of the many chaplains here is to help support the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of the patients, staff and visitors. The Anglican chaplain is given the responsibility to provide such support to Anglicans who have nominated that they are open to a visit. Crucial questions are often raised as people reflect upon their life and the present moment. As well as the fundamental offering of listening, offering opportunities for prayer, scripture and sacraments, it is often the ability to assist a person to reconnect with themselves and to recognise their need to be still in touch with their loved ones, community, including their faith group.

Many of those I see have little or no real connectedness to the Church but nevertheless have a profound sense of belonging to God or are aware of spiritual realities. It is not for me to judge or discriminate but rather to comfort and add to the healing that happens daily is this extraordinary place. I am very fortunate to work alongside dedicated, compassionate and highly skilled staff. It is a privilege to be invited into the life of another and share our common humanity.

You are most welcome to let me know of any need you may have if here and also request a visit from myself or any of the other denominations and faith traditions.

Fr. Roger Zohrab
Anglican Chaplain
Pastoral Care Department Co-ordinator
John Hunter Hospital

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