Police Chaplain


Senior State Chaplain, Rev’d Daniel Connor

The role of the Police Chaplaincy is to minister to the spiritual welfare of members of the NSW Police Force, retired police, police widows and widowers and their immediate families.

Police Chaplains provide a number of services, including:

  • Respond to Critical and Traumatic events.
  • Counselling regarding personal and moral problems relating to work, marriage, relationships and family.
  • Involvement when required in the preparation and celebration of marriages, baptisms and other religious services.
  • Hospital calls and house calls in cases of illness.
  • Perform or attend police funerals and assist families in time of bereavement, if appropriate.
  • Involvement in all levels of police training.
  • Assignment to various police functions to offer prayers, invocations, benedictions and dedications.
  • Supporting police officers at emergency situations and at the scenes of disasters.
  • Performing other functions at the request of the Commissioner.

Police Chaplains, of which there are approximately 100, are drawn from a range of faiths, volunteering their services to the NSW Police Force in addition to their normal parish duties. In addition, there are three full-time Senior State Police Chaplains representing Anglican, Catholic and Protestant Denominations, and two Senior Police Chaplains (Specialist) assigned to Specialist Operations and the Education & Training Command.

Senior State Police Chaplains act as the ‘Senior Chaplains’ Executive Team’ which is responsible for the wider coordination of the Policy Chaplaincy. It acts as a central point of reference, record keeping and referral for Chaplains and the issues with which they deal.

For enquiries, please contact:

Rev. Daniel Connor
Senior State Chaplain (Anglican)