School Chaplaincy

Lakes-3Chaplaincy in NASC Schools

Within the Diocese of Newcastle there are 4 schools under the umbrella of the Newcastle Anglican Schools Corporation (NASC).  The NASC ensures that each school is provided with at least 1 chaplain per 600 students.  The chaplains are visible reminders of the Christian ethos of the schools and their dependence on the diocese.  Each chaplain will live out their roles with some variations depending on cultural contexts, but there are common elements.

Each chaplain is a leader of the worshipping life of the school through chapel services, staff devotions and engagements with the local parishes.  A chaplain calls staff, students and families together to pray, to read the Bible and to share in breaking bread together.  Chaplains also lead families in baptism, first communion and confirmation linking school students to the wider Anglican Communion.  Students may also receive discipleship through lunch time faith development groups where our chaplains help students explore God’s word, their lives and how these stories meet.

DSC_0136Each NASC chaplain is also an integral person within the pastoral care system of their school.  Our chaplains respond in times of crises for students, staff and their families, but also work in creating schools where policies are in place for the wellbeing of all.  They work closely with the schools’ counselling staff and pastoral leadership amongst the teachers.

All of our NASC chaplains also oversee the delivery of Christian and Religious studies for students.  This means working with staff on curriculum development and teaching in the classroom.  The chaplains share resources across the schools and regularly meet to review and refresh the curriculum content.

Apart from the 3 main areas of chaplaincy, worship, pastoral care and Christian education, each chaplain will involve themselves in the life of the school community.  Some are sports coaches; others involve themselves in music and drama events; others run chess clubs.  Chaplains can be found at school fairs, carnivals, trivia nights and all sorts of community gatherings.  They are a reminder of God’s love through the person of Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit.

To contact a chaplain, please call the school directly:

Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College
The Reverend Richard Loh
(02) 4979 8484

Lakes Grammar – An Anglican School
The Reverend Matt Shorten
(02) 4393 4111

Manning Valley Anglican College
Mr Greg Anderson
(02) 6553 8844

Scone Grammar School
The Reverend Nathan Atkinson
(02) 6545 3131