Merewether: Giving Hope for the Future

As families we love to give to others at Christmas time. At St Augustine’s Merewether we wanted the children from our Sunday School to think about others. Throughout the year, their offering has been amalgamated into church funds and we wanted them to have a greater understanding of where their money was going. So we talked to them about a specific project and they decided they wanted to help victims of floods and other natural disasters eg the west of Myanmar.

We showed them a Christmas Gift catalogue from Gospels for Asia and talked about the types of gifts they could buy for those in need. They were very excited about this project and we included the parents in our vision. We have between 6 to 10 children who regularly attend. We set a target of $150 for a period of eight weeks. We drew a money thermometer and each week the children marked off their donations. At the end of the time, they had given $300. They then determined what they would allocate the money towards. We were able to give seven bibles, five pairs of chickens, one goat, five blankets, one Bio Sand Water Filter and five mosquito nets.

We hope that the act of love of ministering to the suffering and needy demonstrated by these little ones will impact the spiritual and well-being of those in desperate need as we love in word and deed. We also wanted the children to see that through their offerings, they were showing God’s love and that they are part of a global community of believers united in Christ. Praise the Lord for these little ones.