Professional Supervision Program

The Professional Supervision Program for clergy in the Diocese of Newcastle has been running since 2007 and is currently being renewed during 2017. This page will be shortly updated once the new program commences.

The goals of the program are:

  • The enhancement of the well-being and health of clergy and parish workers;
  • The implementation of a supportive, non-critical, and non-judgmental relationship between supervisor and supervisee that will enable clergy and parish workers to grow and develop in their ministry;
  • The provision of assistance to clergy and parish workers in the development of self-care;
  • The development of those skills that will enable clergy and parish workers to deal more effectively with the stresses of ministry, whether they be parishioner-induced, self-induced, due to the parish environment, due to factors in the wider Diocese or as the result of a particular event;
  • The development of more adult-adult relationships within the Diocese, especially between clergy, parish workers and bishops;
  • The provision of a more open and honest internal culture within the Diocese;
  • The development of professional supervision as a fundamental component of the culture of the Diocese.

Further Assistance
Please contact Archdeacon Arthur Copeman for further assistance at