October 11: Dyspraxia Awareness Information Night for Teachers and Early Learning Educators

Dyspraxia—a Hidden Disability

Dyspraxia is a hidden disability that affects 1 in 20 students ,which means at least one student in every classroom has dyspraxia yet many remain undiagnosed.

By attending this free seminar you will have the opportunity to learn about Dyspraxia and how to best support your students.


  • Samantha Elbers—Director and founder of Dyspraxia Kids Australia.
  • Mr David Roy—Lecturer, School of Education , University of Newcastle
  • Mrs Kerry Cumming—Learning Support Co Ordinator Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College

A Q&A Session will follow these presentations.

Date: Wednesday October 11
Location: Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College, 256 Minmi Road Fletcher NSW 2287
Time: 6-9pm

Tickets are available HERE

October is Dyspraxia Awareness month

Dyspraxia is the common name for Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD). DCD is a neuro-developmental disorder, likely caused by irregularity in the developing brain.1 in 20 children are affected, but many remain undiagnosed. This is what I would like to change. With early intervention and better access to support therapies we can make a difference to young lives and remove the stigma.

Statistics show 1 in 20 children are affected this means that in every class at Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College there will be at least one student affected by dyspraxia. The effects of dyspraxia are wide ranging and variable not only person to person but day to day for each person.

Teachers and Early Learning Educators are in the unique position to be able to identify many of the early warnings signs. In fact, my diagnosis followed investigations instigated by my grade 1 teacher who continued to advocate that it was more than me being a clumsy child. This is also why it has the unfortunate nickname of Clumsy Child Syndrome.

I am passionate about building awareness of this condition in our Education System.

I am working with Dyspraxia Kids Australia Inc and have organised a free awareness information evening for educators from early childhood through to secondary teachers to explain the effects of this condition and how you can help improve a student’s outcome. This evening will be presented with three guest speakers and a Q&A session. In addition, there will be education materials and a certificate of attendance provided along with a light supper.

I look forward to seeing you on the night.

Libbi Bennett
Year 11
Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College