Bishop Discernment

Bishopric Electoral Board

The Diocese if Newcastle is currently engaging in the process of discerning its next Bishop.  We are praying for someone who will lead us in the mission and ministry of the Diocese and who will work with us in shaping our healthy future.

Synod this year passed a new Bishop Nomination section to the ordinance which charges the Bishop Nomination Board with

  • Arranging a Diocesan Consultation
  • Receiving nominations
  • Engaging with nominees
  • And then bringing a short list of candidates to the Synod for its discernment and election.

The Diocesan Consultations received a very positive response.  500 people engaged with these under the leadership of the Reverend Sandy Jones form Leading Connexions, our Diocesan consultant.

People gathered in regional groups and also participated in an online forum.

The many comments were collated into the Diocesan Information pack.

Bishop Nominee Information Pack

A summary of

  • the life of the Diocese,
  • current issues,
  • consultation report , and
  • selection criteria

have been collated into the Bishop Nominee Information Pack

This pack can be downloaded here.

Nominations are now open

Nominations for the next bishop for the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle  are now open, closing at 5pm on Monday August 28.

We encourage prayerful reflection by all in this important discernment.

  1. Candidates for nomination as Bishop of Newcastle must be ordained, at least 30 years old and may be either male or female.
  2. There is no requirement that candidates consent to a nomination, as the consent of candidates will be sought if they are shortlisted. However, it is useful for the Board to know whether the nominated candidate is aware of their nomination.

Nominations will be held in the strictest of confidence by members of the Bishop Nomination Board.

Nomination forms should be submitted to:


The Anglican Diocese of Newcastle
PO Box 817
Newcastle, 2300

Enquiries can be directed to:

Where To From Here?

The Bishop Nomination Board

The Venerable Canon Sonia Roulston (Chair)
Mrs Katherine Lindsay (Deputy Chair)
The Reverend Canon Katherine Bowyer
Ms Bev Birch
The Venerable Les Forester
Mrs Helen Fraser
The Reverend Dr Fergus King
Mr Warwick Gilbertson
The Venerable Charlie Murry
Mrs Lyn Wickham
The Reverend Canon Dr Julia Perry
Mrs Sue Williams

Please join us in prayer


Eternal God, shepherd and guide,
in your mercy give your Church in this diocese
a shepherd after your own heart
who will walk in your ways,
and with loving care watch over your people.
Give us a leader of vision and a teacher of your truth.
So may your Church be built up
and your name glorified;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.                            (APBA)


God our Wisdom and Light:
you alone have power to bring blessing out of all our choices
and to use all our actions for the building up of your kingdom;
be with the members of our Bishop Nomination Board
as they take counsel for the future.
Turn their hearts and ours to listen to your Spirit.
Guide them in discerning faithful people for consideration as Bishop of this Diocese,
help us all to know your will for us at this time,
and in all things seek to give you glory,
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.