Weekend of Prayer for SRE a Success

October 17 and 18 was the Weekend of Prayer for SRE.

Hunter SRE joined together with Hunter Prayer Connection at Belair Baptist Church to have a Day of Prayer on Saturday October 17. A number of SRE teachers and supporters came during the day to pray for SRE teachers, and schools across the Hunter. Some children even joined their parents in praying for SRE. There were a number of ‘prayer stations’ eg with pebbles, pictures, craft or art to help stimulate prayer.

Sally Smith who co-ordinated the event said, ‘Its great when people from different denominations are united together in prayer. We had a good day, and I hope and pray that all who came were refreshed and encouraged as a result!’

Many Anglican churches across the Hunter joined in the Weekend of Prayer for SRE. In some services on Sunday October 18, SRE teachers were interviewed, or there was a brief presentation about SRE. At ANeW Anglican Church in Lambton, SRE teachers were interviewed and prayed for in both services. At Lakes Anglican Church, SRE was promoted and also prayed for. Some people expressed an interest in teaching SRE as a result, too! We are grateful to the many Anglican (and other) churches across the Hunter lifted up this ministry in prayer over the weekend.